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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 09.32.56My passion is coaching & mentoring businesses and individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. Enabling people to understand what they want to achieve and how they are going to get there is what I do best. Nothing happens unless a decision is made to act….working out what to do and what the priorities are is critical. Understanding time frames and setting realistic deadlines is imperative to achieving success.

Coaching and mentoring

I can help you identify those goals and work out how to achieve them. I will work with you on the financials to ensure it is all possible and cash flowed effectively. I work with business owners in the way “they” need to work so if that means actually helping to get the work done and not just advising I do, or I will find a person who will get the job done if the businesses doesn’t have the skill base internally. I will help train the internal personal to grow their skills so that the business takes ownership of the change.

I have a breadth of experience in a variety of industries both large and small so am flexible and adaptable depending on the needs of the business and the owners.

I am happy to help anyone, and as a true “connector” if I can’t help I am pretty sure I will know, or will find someone who can.

“Heather’s logical approach to business coaching was an instrumental part of doubling the turnover of our business. We grew and expanded our range of services with Heather’s guidance and I personally learned some very important business lessons that I’ve seen trip some of our competition up, resulting in them going bankrupt. Heather also has a great network of talent to pull from in Cornwall.

These new entrepreneurs needed guidance and support to ensure their businesses were sustainable. Statistics show that most businesses fail within their first two years. The sheer number of skills, experience and knowledge required to make a success of a business are overwhelming – this programme aimed to ensure they not only survived but grew!”

Tony Sampson – Naked Solar

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Coaching and Mentoring Clients


Shibumi creates stunningly beautiful luxury coats, dresses, dressing gowns and waistcoats for special occasions.  Based in Gloucestershire it is run by Ruth Guise who founded Shibumi in 2004 and specialises in silk and cashmere garments manufactured in Jaipur in India.

Trevince is a 13th Century country house and estate based Gwennap, Cornwall. It has been in the same family since 1281 and is listed as a World Heritage Site due to it’s mining history.  I have been working with Trish & Richard Stone to understand where they want to take the business and how this fits in with their personal dreams & aspirations.The house was opened for the first time in 800 years in 2016 for the Country House Christmas and there is a host of events planned for the future. The gardens are formally opening to the public in the Spring 2019.
Cornish Funeral Company
Cornish Funeral Company
Cornwall Funeral Company is another new business run by a dynamic pair – Terry and Katrina Wagstaff. Having experienced the trauma of organising a number of funerals they decided to establish an alternative funeral company that will provide an affordable, humane service that people are able to control. I have worked with them to develop the business providing contacts and expertise when required.


Truro and Penwith College
I was recruited by Truro and Penwith College to establish a mentoring programme for the Empowering Smart Women project.

I was engaged to establish a mentoring programme to support the women participating in the Empowering Smart Women project. In a short space of time, I met the College’s goal of two hundred and fifty participants during the two year project, as well as finding over fifty local and national mentors in a wide range of disciplines and experience.

Holly Young Headwear

I continue to personally mentor young entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of establishing new businesses and I am always willing to share my knowledge and experience. I am working on a mentoring basis with The Princes Trust Youth Enterprise Scheme.

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