Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR are the strategies put in place by a business to help improve their impact on the environment and social well-being. The vision is of “businesses and communities thriving in a future that’s environmentally sustainable and socially just” (Sir Jonathon Porritt).


These can range from simple, straight forward initiatives for small businesses and employers …

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… to more complex, diverse and imaginative strategies for larger businesses.

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The Body Shop International PLC
Body Shop
My husband, Rob, and I were asked by Anita and Gordon Roddick to establish the Environmental and Community Projects Department for The Body Shop International PLC.The Body Shop International PLC has an iconic reputation for being the foremost environmental and socially responsible companies. They wrote the history book on Corporate Social Responsibility. Rob and I were employed to pioneer the environmental strategy. We did so from the grassroots up, ensuring that every single member of the company embraced and promoted these values.
We conducted the first environmental audit of the company – doing so before the phrase had even been identified. Our role required us to devise an environmental policy for the entire company, which would be extended on a global basis. The consequences of this inspirational work included:

  • A complete “cradle to grave” audit process
  • Life cycle analysis of each product
  • The Body Shop’s unique and groundbreaking ‘recycle and refill’
  • An environmental campaigning programme that was conducted globally covering a wide variety of subjects from green consumerism to acid rain and rainforest protection
  • Created Brazil Nut Oil working with Keyapo Indians in Brazil along with ICI
  • The sourcing of paper products from General Paper Industries in Nepal, providing environmentally aware packaging and accessories
  • Trained and harnessed the enthusiasm and drive of global shop staff to push the policies forward worldwide
  • Set up the community projects programme. This enabled staff worldwide to work in voluntary programmes in their local areas. These projects were culturally and geographically sensitive and covered a vast range of subjects from helping to write school curriculae on environmental subjects to creating recycling programmes in local communities
  • Fundraising and awareness raising programmes for human rights issues as well as social and environmental issues worldwide were a constant activity, culminating in working for the release of John McCarthy and Brian Keenan. Sadly the campaign to save the life of Ken Sarowiwa the Ogoni activitist form Nigeria was not so successful. But the campaign against Shell had a huge impact and policies to protect the Ogoni were subsequently employed following the death of Ken and the other 8 prisoners
  • The development of effective working relationships with NGOs from all over the world, such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth
  • We spoke at numerous conferences and I was a judge for The Better Environment Awards for Industry


Overall I am able to guide your business in developing CSR strategies that are viable and relevant to you and your goals. If you think that your business is ready to take on more environmental and social responsibility, get in touch to see how I can help you.

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