My Services – what I can do for your business

ICFI work with businesses in a variety of ways:

  • One off projects
  • By the hour
  • Contracted for a set fee for an agreed period of time.

I am completely flexible and have worked with some businesses for a day others I am still working with them 4 years later! Once I know what you need we can work out a plan.If you have ever asked yourself any of the following, I can help:

“I need the dynamics in the family business to change”

“I need to make a decision but I am stuck”

“I just don’t know how to make the changes I know we need to make in the business”

” The staff just don’t do what I want them to do!”

“I have run out of energy and ideas – I am exhausted and don’t know who to turn to. The buck stops with me.”

“I need to make a profit and reduce costs – where to start?”

“I want to be more socially and environmentally responsible but I am not sure what I can afford to do and what the benefits will be to the business.”

“I have a big project that will make a huge difference to the company but I haven’t got time to do it myself. I want someone independent with new ideas.”

Get in touch

Ring me for a free half hour conversation and see what I can do to help you transform your business:

+44 (0) 7967 723 420

My services:

I specialise in working with partnerships, family run businesses and female entrepreneurs.

Coaching and Mentoring

I have a wealth of experience in coaching entrepreneurs and worked with many businesses transforming them into the business they want to run. Learn more.


Strategic planning

I can help you create a plan that will give the business a road map for growth or enable funding applications – whatever you need we can make it happen together. Learn more.

I provide creative corporate leadership and management training for both teams & individuals. Get those staff operating to their full potential and the business will run smoothly! Learn more.

I am able to guide your business in developing CSR strategies that are viable and relevant to you and your goals. Learn more.



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