Strategic planning

I have created several businesses from scratch, taking each business from concept to fruition.

I work with businesses to write their business plans and strategic planning documents. I provide the systems and processes that enable them to recruit and train their teams to ensure their goals and aspirations are met. I can help businesses owners identify funding opportunities and resource the support they need to grow and change. I particularly enjoy creating bespoke recruitment and appraisal systems for the individual requirements of each business.

I am also passionate about supporting Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies and work with organisations to develop their Corporate Social Enterprise strategies.

“Heather is a dynamic, creative, determined entrepreneur, happily married mother of 2 boys in their mid 20’s. Having run several businesses herself, Heather has a broad range of commercial business experience and acumen.

Heather’s wealth of in-depth and hands on business experience, allows her to quickly understand identify the strategic project management your business is lacking to help push you forwards to the next level.

Heather has a friendly approachable personality, is fun to work with and a great coach for both large/medium and small businesses and Crowdfunding.”

Mairi Wickett, Managing Director or WITT Energy

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Strategic projects working with businesses and large corporations.

The Eden Project
Eden Project
I was appointed to restructure The Eden Project’s £4 million retail operation.I reviewed the current systems and processes in place, as well as the retail presentation. Certain constraints were considered and embraced and Eden’s environmental, educational and ethical principles were entwined into the new strategies. The nature of Eden also required an holistic approach, reflecting the themes present across the site within the retail aspect, as well as feeding retail elements outwards across the site.Once the operation had been reviewed, I recruited the right people to put into place the new systems and procedures and supported them in implementing my recommended changes. At the centre of the entire review was Eden’s ethos, and by the time I had finished Eden sold ethical, sustainable and recycled products ecologically sourced and supplied with a management structure to enable it to grow for the future.
I was contracted by a South African software company to create a method to distribute their cost control and project management tool, Costrac, globally.Pace Services Ltd created the cost control and project management tool Costrac for large capital ventures. They needed to find an efficient, cost effective way to sell this product to the global market. I worked with them to create Eigasoft, which distributes Costrac and other project management software tools worldwide. My remit included finding a reputable and tax efficient company from which to run the company, and Eigasoft was born in Switzerland.
Dairyland Farm World
I produced a strategic development plan to extend the site to multi-functional use for a group of private investors.

Social and Community impact programmes

The Easterhouse playground project
To raise funds for, and successfully construct a lasting children’s playground in Easterhouse, Glasgow.Easterhouse in Glasgow is an area of severe depravation and social disengagement. My brief called for me to raise the funds for and construct a playground, and develop a management system to maintain and run the facility after completion. Working with local organisations, I succeeded in ensuring Glasgow Parks Department took on the maintenance and ongoing management of the park.The Easterhouse estate had an unemployment rate of 56% for adult males. It suffers from high crime levels and gang culture. Parks and playgrounds put in when the area was developed were quickly vandalised. I wanted to provide a playground for the community that would remain in good condition and be a place that local people were proud of. By working with the local community I raised £275,000 to build a showcase playground, and, more importantly, I used a schools competition to design the playground which brought rival gangs together along with the rest of the community to ensure the longevity of the playground. It is still in use today.
Children on the Edge
Children on the Edge
I was asked by Anita Roddick to “do” something about the tragedy in Romania when the Caucescou regime ended.With two other colleagues, I created the Children on the Edge. I engaged the local community in Littlehampton, West Sussex, alongside the 500 Body Shop stores around the world to contribute to the programme. I acquired an articulated lorry and, with the help of the Red Cross, identified three orphanages in Halucest which needed complete refurbishment. The lorry was filled with donated electrical, plumbing and building supplies. Volunteer tradesmen were recruited to conduct the work and a group of playgroup workers accompanied the lorry to look after the children whilst the refurbishments were carried out. This charity grew from strength to strength and is now known as “Children on the Edge”. It has transformed the lives of children worldwide.
Truro Women’s Refuge
Cornwall Women's Refuge
Work to improve the refuge and ensure it’s longevity.I was on the voluntary committee managing the Truro Women’s refuge for five years – for my last two years I was chairman. I worked with the co-ordinator, Alex Lake, to introduce and implement working practices which transformed the refuge. We also raised considerable amounts of money to ensure the organisation’s future.

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