Whatever it is you want to achieve, I will help you find the way to get your business to work for you and help create the life you want to live.

Business coaching

“I have fallen back in love with my business. I had started to hate it before you helped me shape it into the business I wanted to start in the beginning.”

Ruth Guise, Shibumi

“Our objective was to hit the ¬£million turnover … you said it would take 3 years, and it did! We have trebled our turnover and doubled our profits in the 3 years you have worked with us, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Lisa Dummet, Newquay Garden Centre

“We couldn’t have done it without you”

Trish & Richard Stone, Trevince

“You put us in touch with all the right people”

Mik and Ant, Halo Design

“When I started this company I loved the creativity it allowed me and the freedom to do what I knew was right. I was a victim of my own success and created a distribution company which I hated – a bit like the Mexican fisherman¬†– I had created the very monster I hated when working in the corporate world! Now, I can put my children to bed, spend the weekend with my family and still run a successful company. Thank you for helping me understand the path to sanity. Your wisdom is profound.”

Female entrepreneur, Cornwall

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