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I provide a range of leadership training and development for both businesses and individuals. I use psychometric testing tools where appropriate to identify traits and styles. I am a qualified NLP practitioner which enables me to identify how people need to be communicated with and how to get the best out of them. I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach and use the most appropriate tools available to meet the needs of the person in front of me! And what they need at any given time…..I love developing people to reach their true potential, both as people and in the workplace so finding out what makes them tick and how they learn is critical!

leadership training

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Leadership Case Studies

Lanes Health
Lanes Health

Senior Executive Leadership Development

Amy Power is a director of Lanes Health Holdings, a British Health & Wellbeing product manufacturers based in Gloucestershire. The Company was started by her Grandfather  more than 80 years ago, and they have been promoting health and wellbeing through their range of herbal medicines, supplements and other natural products ever since.  Olbas Oil, Kalms and the wide range of products are now distributed world wide.

Amy came to me to develop her leadership skills and after 6 months she has transformed not only her personal life but also her career.

Newquay Garden Centre
Newquay Garden Centre

Capacity Building and Organisational Change

Newquay Garden Centre is a family business that has just celebrated it’s 70th birth and it is still growing. Lisa and Marc took over the business in 2012. Managing that growth and capitalising on the opportunities has been a tough learning curve for them and the team but exciting at the same time. I worked with them for 4 years rebranding the business and inputting the systems & processes required for building the business. Most importantly my work involved training Lisa & Marc in the difference between Management and Leadership.

Total Energy Solutions
Total Energy Solutions

Succession Planning

Succession planning was the order of the day for Ali & Kathryn Carnegie as they started to step back from the business they created. They appointed family members to take on the running of the business and recognised the need for training and development to make this possible. Over the last 2 years I have been coaching Bella & Dan enabling them to develop the tools they need and now they are up and running just giving support where needed.

“Heather has given me so much I can’t begin to write it all down but she is a lady who cares, has a wealth of knowledge, techniques and ideas that are well worth working with. I have seen such a positive change is every aspect of my life and business for myself but also been told by my husband, my parents and also the directors of the company so I can’t recommend her coaching and mentoring enough.”

Amy Power, Lanes Health

Working with Female Entrepreneurs

I was extraordinarily lucky to learn from one of the worlds greatest female entrepreneurs, Anita Roddick who started The Body Shop International in her kitchen while her husband travelled the world. The Body Shop became the biggest and most successful British retailer in the world operating in 56 countries. I established the Envirnomental Department and worked directly with Anita & Gordon Roddick training stores internationally on implementing the environmental and sustainability policies.

I went on to establish 2 Body shops and opened a restaurant – all at the same time. I had twin boys, a husband, horses, dogs and converted a barn …so I learnt how to juggle all the balls and survive. So it is a passion & a privilege to help other female entrepreneurs learn how to live life to the full and at the same time be successful both financially and emotionally.

Empowering Smart Women Programme

Smart WomenTruro and Penwith Colleges Empowering Smart Women Programme. This programme provided ILM (Institute Leadership and Management) accredited level three and level five training in leadership, management and business start-up. My role required me to recruit all two hundred and fifty participants, work with the lecturers to schedule the programme and deliver the personal development element of the course. I ensured all relevant paperwork was completed to satisfy European requirements. In addition, I established the mentoring programme as mentioned previously. Following the programme I established a women’s networking group which was extraordinarily rewarding. It was a real privilege to work with so many incredible women.

Equine Facilitated Learning 

equine facilitated learning cornwallOne of the most fascinating & effective techniques I employ in my arsenal of tools in training & development is Equine Facilitated Learning.

Horses rely upon leadership for their very survival. So do humans, we just don’t always value it or recognise it for what it is. How we communicate , organise our social and business structures all depends upon effective leadership and communication.

Horses have no hidden agendas, no ego and we describe them as 500 kilo lie detectors!  They can give us entirely non-judgemental feedback on how we communicate, the energy we transmit and how we show up in life.

Working with a horse is potentially life changing experience and feedback from our sessions & testimonials give unadulterated evidence. It can lead to sustained behaviour change and effective well formed outcomes.

If you have to make a decision I can think of no better tool to check what you really want on an unconscious level. Sometimes we think we know what we want but we have to go deeper to find our truth!

Solutions we provide with this work:

  • Clarity & vision
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Developing self awareness, resilience,  confidence & enabling decision making

I work with Kate Mably at katemably.co.uk –  a world class horsewoman & coach  who has trained with the best horse people in the world, LeadChange http://www.leadchange.com  providing  life changing leadership and personal change programmes to organisations and business owners, and am an associate with HorseHeard http://horseheard.com a charity delivering programmes for young people in schools  & colleges to enable emotional well-being and resilience.

This young woman is leading this horse at liberty – having learnt how to control her inner energy and guide the horse with intention…it’s incredible how it works!

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