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Strategic Planning and ESG


"This model is something we are keen to develop for our practice as it aligns so well with our ethos. Currently we are in the process of developing our plan and it is exciting to have a collaborative approach with our colleagues;  Heather's help transferring our standard business plan to Triple Bottom Line has been invaluable".


Motivational Mapping


"This exercise was enjoyable and eye-opening, the follow up workshop lead by Heather was fun and insightful. Our staff say that knowing how the different motivational types either work together or may clash, helped them to work out how to better communicate together. As employers; this has helped us work out how best to motivate and reward our staff, supporting them to achieve their best". 

"We have found Heather's support invaluable. As novice business owners, taking over from our father, we had a period of transition which she helped us to navigate - getting our team on board with a new way of doing things, managing the family dynamic and ultimately building our confidence as leaders. Heather is always there with warm, sage advice, especially through tough times, and reminding us to celebrate the successes along the way too!"


Rachael Austin

Austin Design Works

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