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Running a business is not easy. There are times when you may feel stuck or unsure about the way forward. Whether you are trying to scale up your business, revise your strategic plan, coordinate the succession to new owners, or develop an exit strategy, in those moments a critical friend who sits outside of your organisation is of greatest help.


You might be on your own and have nobody to help with major decisions. Or you may be a partnership but each of you wants a different direction for the business. It could be that your team is not performing as you need and you are not sure how to fix it. These are all common problems that can be overcome with the right help. 


Through effective coaching and mentoring, and the use of innovative tools such as NLP and Motivational Mapping, I will tailor bespoke support to enable you and your business to find the clarity and direction you need.


If it’s of interest, I have considerable experience in adopting the principles of  Environmental and Social Governance (ESG). This ensures that your strategic plan measures success on the Triple Bottom Line principles of Profit, People and Planet. I can work with you to create a Triple Bottom Line strategic 3 year plan which will enable you to apply for  B-Corps certification.


There is no doubt a need for all companies to achieve higher levels of ESG with the climate crisis upon us. Please click on the links below to learn more about the services I provide. If you would like a free half hour discussion, please do contact me. It would be lovely to hear from you. Telephone 07967 723420 or email

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