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Business Mentoring Case Study

A successful family business was going through a major transition period as the next generation took on the running of the operation. This is a sensitive and delicate time for any business, and the individuals involved, but especially so when it is a family concern. 


In order for the retiring leadership to feel confident to hand over the reins I worked with the Next Generation of family members on the board on a 1:1 basis and also collectively. Putting Personal Development Plans in place for all of them to ensure they acquired the appropriate level of knowledge  to run a large multi-million pound business with over 150 employees. I facilitated the development of the Values & Vision ensuring the entire company understood what the family wanted to achieve and gave them a road map for the future. 


By having a third party from outside the business facilitate this and remove any barriers of conversation, it enabled them to make meaningful progress that led to the successful transition of the business.

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