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Business Mentoring Case Study

The joint directors of a local company were facing a crisis when they both wanted a different direction for the business. There had been a couple of attempts to sell the company but this was hampered by the pandemic. This stalemate forced both to consider their future.


One of the essential first steps I use in 1-to-1 coaching is to help the individual to realise their true thoughts and motivations, rather than reinforcing what they simply assume are their ambitions. With this approach, I worked with each director separately, to enable them to acquire a deep understanding of their personal and professional aspirations. Then together we worked out what could happen next.


By creating the right environment of trust and openness, and facilitating the individual, joint and group discussions, we found a way forward. One of the two directors realised that they did not want to sell the business after all, and that, with the right level of restructuring, they wanted to buy out their partner and take the business in a new direction.


Joint coaching and EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) work checked in with both to see, on an unconscious level, whether the decisions each of them was making were genuine and authentic. Almost a rubber stamp on the beliefs they each had to enable them to truly know they were making the right decision. The work confirmed each of their decisions.


Once both had clarity of their true ambitions and motivations, it allowed for a constructive approach towards the buy-out and refocussing of the business. 

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