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Motivational Mapping Case Study

Case Study One:

Working with a newly formed partnership it was obvious the team were struggling, lacking motivation and cohesion. It was essential to identify the root causes to enable the individuals and the business to thrive. 

A fabulous tool for doing this is Motivational Mapping. It identifies the motivating drivers for each person, giving an actual measurement of their motivation, and a team profile illustrating how they work and impact on each other.

The tool gives incredible insight and often challenges the team's own personal awareness. By having a deeper understanding of what drives each individual personally they can learn to play to each other’s strengths and have constructive dialogue.  With effective coaching, this created vital awareness that brought the team together and ensured they were well placed to drive the business forward. It also enabled the partners to know what drives each individual and be sure they are being rewarded appropriately thereby securing their confidence and loyalty to the business.

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